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Scott Turnbull (Lead)

 Scott was introduced to barbershop when members of the Pontiac MI chapter visited his high school madrigal choir.  He and three others from the choir joined the chorus and started a quartet called the Quadrats.  They competed in the following contest, and Scott got his first dose of barber humility (16'th).  Scott went on to College at Eastern Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree, majoring in instrumental music and minoring in vocal music.  While at EMU, he was involved with the madrigal choir, where he started the quartet "The Victorian Principals".  Brian and Bob were also in the madrigal ensemble and the Ivy League was formed soon after the Victorian Principals was disbanded.  (see history)

    Scott directed the Stateline chorus for 5 years and was assistant
director to Bob Whitledge (shameless name drop) of the City Lights chorus in Detroit.  In 1992, Scott read an advertisement in the Harmonizer, looking for a director for the Sounds of Aloha chorus.  On a lark, he called,  and the next thing he knew he was living in Hawaii, with a good teaching job, and directing a 80 man chorus.  He sang in several quartets in Hawaii, and even traveled to Japan and New Zealand to coach choruses in those countries and directed his chorus to victory at the Pan Pacific Convention.

    Scott was also a talented arranger.  Along with doing all the original
arrangements that The Ivy League performed, he arranged for such quartets as the The Ritz and Acoustix (more shameless name dropping).  You can find his arrangements available online at www.harmonize.com/scottturnbull

   Scott was a singular individual, ready with a smile or a joke and tremendously talented in bringing songs to the barbershop style.  He was a band and choir teacher in parochial schools, as well as private vocal and instrumental instruction for the remainder of his life until his untimely passing in July of 2009.

   We all miss Scott greatly - he introduced many, many people to the Barbershop hobby, including both Brian and Bob when they formed this quartet together.  Barbershop, and the musical world in general, is poorer for our loss.


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