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OUR CD!!!!!

Certainly not long-awaited, but we thought we'd provide some of our friends and fans an opportunity to have our tape recording available on CD, as well as some live performances and previously unreleased studio versions of favorite tunes.  We greatly hope that some folks will enjoy this (and some, quizzically, already have!).

"The Ivy League" CD, entitled "Another Fine Mess", is available for the low price of $15.00 plus $3.25 for shipping and handling!

Songs on the CD: We Are The Ivy League, Tribute to the Champs, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Saturday Matinee Medley, Barney Google, The Baseball Song, Toyland, Hallelujah Chorus, The Ivy/Ypsilanti Medley, Old MacDonald Live, Coney Island Medley and MORE!  23 tracks in all!

Credit Card orders, just use PayPal.com and send the above amount to David Drouillard at: davebass63@sbcglobal.net. When E-mailing "The Ivy League" with regard to our recording, please put "Another Fine Mess CD" in the subject line.

If you'd like to Mail Order a copy, please send your Check or Money Order (made out to "David Drouillard") to the address below:

Dave Drouillard
12234 Fessner Road
Carleton, MI 48117 



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Stuff you don't really want to know,  but we're too egotistical to put this together without it...

Old Stuff, but good stuff!!!

If you've kept 
reading this far, mostly you're interested in this.

This is *really* self indulgent - but then, we wouldn't be us without it. 

Other dross you're not really interested in, but there's some funny stuff, here.

Take a look!

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