“The Ivy League”

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"The Ivy League"
1985 Pioneer District Champions

Hi!  Welcome to the Hall of Has-Beens! 

We're "The Ivy League"... well, we *were* "The Ivy League" and now we're a bunch of near-middle-aged guys who have created a page dedicated to the memory of our time together (i.e., "living in the past"...) We basically created this page for our own amusement and for anyone else who may have fond memories of us, but mostly for our own amusement. 

"The Ivy League" is/was a barbershop quartet. 1985 Pioneer District Champions and perennial International competitors - everywhere from 24'th to... well - a lot further down the ladder, anyway. We were going to take out an ad in the Harmonizer that went: 

1986 - 24th
1988 - 30th
1989 - 36th
1990 - 50th

 .... But alas, we were gone before we got the chance! 

Just a note on the name. It's "The Ivy League", Bud! Not "Ivy Leaguers" or "Ivy League Quartet" or "The League of Ivy". Three words: The - Ivy - League.  Not so tough, is it?  One of us is "a member of The Ivy League", not "a member of the Ivy League Quartet".   So don't mess it up, Holmes!! @*#&$*#$&!!!!!!!! 

Uhhh... not that we're bitter or anything... 
er... we're okay now...no, really! 

Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy this page and find something that either jogs your memory or your interest. 

We are in the midst of remastering some of our recorded work and possibly recording some new tunes and might even make a couple CD's to pass on to interested parties as a single recording - anyone want one?  Let us know. You can E-mail Dave or Brian by clicking on their names here or their pictures in the "Quartet Bios" section (if you bother to read that kind of thing...) and they'll update you on it's progress, or lack thereof. 

For your convenience, we have a Table of Contents - this is so you can look at the different pages that you're interested in, without having to look at pages that you have no interest in. Considerate, ain't we?


April '87


Cub Scouts
April '88


April 89'


July '89


July 90'



Stuff you don't really want to know,  but we're too egotistical to put this together without it...

Old Stuff, but good stuff!!!

If you've kept 
reading this far, mostly you're interested in this.

This is *really* self indulgent - but then, we wouldn't be us without it. 

Other dross you're not really interested in, but there's some funny stuff, here.

Take a look!

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