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by Dave Drouillard

Brian happened to be in town when we debuted this package at the
86' district prelims.  We conned the Wayne and Monroe chorus members in the audience to sing the tag to the national anthem as we were called out on stage.  Brian was good enough to direct them for us.  We came out with our hats over our hearts, and when the guys were done with the tag, Scott started the package with "Play Ball"

The baseball package featured two original parodies.  Scott came up with the concept and did most of the creative writing on this one.  We helped him a little with a few missing words.  The first song was Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  In first part of the song, the original words were used.  The bridge was totally re-written to tell the story of Willie Brown (Played by Jim), the famous baseball star that slid into home a little to late. The Umpire called him out and the song climaxed with a belly to belly argument with the ump, resulting in Willie's ejection from the game.

The second song was a parody of Wait Till the sun Shines Nellie, titled, of course, Wait Till the sun Shines Willie.  A pretty simple concept, the song is the sad saga of a rained out baseball game with the title being the big punch line.  While not tremendously funny, it was cute, and it fit the package perfectly.  Jim and Debbie Pollard came up with a hat and cane (baseball bat) routine that got a good laugh.  The song ended with the quintessential huge tag, and Willie catching a fly ball.

We performed this package at our first international contest in Salt Lake City.  It went over huge, and helped put us on the "international scene".

(Brian's recollections)
I remember Scott having mentioned this during the fall - about the time we were going to District.  He and I batted a couple of ideas around (no pun intended), including the National Anthem, but nothing solid.  I also remember having come to a rehearsal in January or February with the guys during the inception of the package, once Scott had completed the charts, so we could read through it and learn it as best we could - can't remember where Jim was that night, but I was just filling in for him to help the quartet learn the material.  It was during this rehearsal that Scott and I talked again about the National Anthem & he'd already completed a tag for it for me to direct in the audience - combining the Wayne & Monroe Chapters.

The first night's set, I came back and wished the quartet luck before going back out to the audience and that evening they sang in a rather quiet manner (I think Scott was rather nervous that night).  After that first evening, Scott disappeared until the next day - we all went to Denny's & discussed the package & how it went.  I also recalled personally that we'd been at some chapter show once and had had a poor afternoon show one time and we all got in an argument and Scott was still angry by the time we went onstage and sang one of the best shows he ever sang.

The following evening, I came backstage - Scott was there - and I made the passing comment: "Well, you guys sure showed them that you can sing quietly last night - now's the time to go out and show them you can pound!".  Scott received it in good humor in my presence, but I'd never seen him make such a turn around onstage before (I never knew whether he might have been angry about that remark at all... but looking back on it with hindsight, I suppose that could be the case).

At the contest, I remember directing the guys in the audience, but not being able to see the quartet complete their entrance, because I was turned toward the combined singers...  as it is, the quartet went out and really slammed some of those chords and the Baseball package was a huge hit.



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