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The Cub Scout Package

  We were in Madison Wisconsin for a show when the idea for the Cub Scout package came to us.  Scott, Bob and Jim ran across a poster for a movie, that featured Louis Anderson, Richard Lewis and several other comedians as Cub Scouts.  What struck us about the poster was how absurd adults look in those uniforms.  What a perfect comedy package for The Ivy League.

    We were again made to fend for ourselves for the costuming. We didn't mind since half the fun of doing a comedy package is improvising costumes.  We wound up buying dark blue work clothes and putting all the badges and insignias on ourselves.  Official hats and socks rounded out the outfit.

    We came out on stage marching in step, with full camping regalia and a Cub Scout flag.  We were Cub Scouts on our way to a jamboree.  The first song had an original intro that Scott wrote.  The second song in the parody was called "Tell Me that it's Great to be a Cub Scout" (Tell me that You're Going to My Sweetheart).  The funniest part of the whole package was the "Pinewood Derby" parody.  Set to the tune of "My Daddy's Brown Derby", the song was the lament of a young Cub Scout that had his Pinewood Derby project taken over by his dad.   You could tell there were a lot of Cub Scout dads in the audience, because we got a lot of response from that section of the song,  specially when Scott took out his actual pinewood derby that he and his dad made.  The song ended with a recap of "Tell Me that it's Great to be a Cub Scout. 

   Our second song was "So Long Mother", with just a minor word change.  We were saying good-bye to our mothers as we went off to camp for the first time.  Going from a pure comedy routine to a ballad was tough to pull off, especially with the reputation that we had.  The audience was expecting a punch line at any second and consequently, they never allowed themselves to get into the ballad.  The judges had the same problem.  We never scored what we should have with this package, so we never took it to international.

[Lyrics: Cub Scout Medley]



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