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The Nerds Parody

How to Impress the Beautiful Girls Medley
Lyrics by Scott Turnbull

        (Original intro)
        Pretty girls, lovely girls,  I love them all
        You've got to impress all the beautiful girls
        If you ever want to get a date
        If you forget to keep your cool 
        loneliness will be your fate
        You can impress all the beautiful girls 
        if you listen carefully
        To get the girls to love you 
        Just take this tip from me oh....

        (Baby Face)
        Shave your face
        Just take a razor blade and shave your face,
        A face with whiskers is a big disgrace, 
        so out of place
        When you feel that stubble, 
        You know you're in for trouble
        Shave your face
        You're gonna love it when you're in her fond embrace
        She's gonna scream and shout, 
        She'll even ask you out
        When you shave your hairy face, and....

        (Down Mobile)
        Brush and floss.  Brush and floss
        Cavities can cause a lot of grief
        Girls go wild for bright and shiny teeth
        Brush and floss
        Brush and.....

        (My Wild Irish Rose)
        Buy lots of clothes, until you're wardrobe grow
        Just take my advice, You've got to look nice
        From you're head to your toes.
        So buy lots of clothes (lots of clothes)
        And dress just like the pro's
        Just take it from me, The clothes are the key
        So go out and buy plenty of clothes, now...

        (Original ending)
        You can impress all the beautiful girls, 
        and get anything in curls
        You can impress them all, 
        you're gonna have a ball
        With the beautiful girls
        Love those girls.


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