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Jim Pollard (Baritone)
I began barbershopping at age 16 singing with my dad in the Wayne Wonderland Chorus in Pioneer District.  We went to International in 1975, where I just knew we would  win.....well we came in 15th out of 15. Some no name chorus named the Vocal Majority or something had to  enter and steal our thunder. 

I began singing with a quartet called the  Final Edition, where we were novice champs in some year. I left that  quartet and starting directing the Farmington Hills Sweet Adelines  where we placed 2nd in the first year in Region two and then the  following year took first and went on the compete at the International  competition in Minneapolis. I think we placed 12th if I am not  mistaken.  Shortly after that, I was invited to direct the Wayne  Chapter, my old chorus, which I did and went on to a couple of  Internationals after that. 

During that time, The Ivy League found  themselves in need a cut-rate baritone and invited me to sing with  them.  They searched the district over for the best, sharpest looking,  most musically in tune baritone they could find.  Well, they all said  no and so they chose me.  I had a ball singing with this group....several  international competitions, districts etc...and then there were the  shows. 

Those were my highlights. I just loved meeting other barbershoppers in other parts of the country.  One of the greatest trips for us was of course being invited to sing on the Hawaii chapter  show.  Our wives were able to join us and we all made vacations out of  it and had a fantastic time.  I will remember that trip always.   Then after 9 or so years of putting up with each other, we decided to call it quits and Scott moved to Hawaii...poor guy...and Bob went on  to bigger and better things in the Far Western District and I moved to Holland, Michigan, and Dave...well I think he is still stuck in the Detroit area.  We love ya Dave! 

After moving to Holland to attend seminary....yes I had to do something to repent for all those years singing with the Ivy League, I was asked to direct the Grand Rapids   Chapter of SPEBSQSA where we went on to the International contest in   Salt Lake City.  After returning from Salt Lake, I received a call to minister in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, where I currently minister to a wonderful congregation and reside in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.  I have 3 children, a wife, who still loves me after all those weekends away with the quartet, and two dogs. 

As for barbershopping....I couldn't stay away too long...I am now  singing baritone with the current silver medalist New Tradition Chorus  from Northbrook Illinois.  I drive 1 1/2 hours every Monday night to  sing with this wonderful group of guys. Oh and the director isn't that  shabby either. 

Well there you have it. If you read this entire  story....Congratulations, on not falling asleep! I love being a has-been with the Ivy League.  I will remember fondly the wonderful  years with the quartet. 

~God's Peace! 



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