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Dave Drouillard (bass)

Dave is a self professed "barbershop brat". His father, Chuck, was long time director of the Floral City Chorus in Monroe. Dave grew up listening to great quartets from the 70's. The Vagabonds, The Gentleman's Agreement, The Bluegrass Student Union and Grandma's Boy's were among his favorites. Dave joined the Chorus in Monroe on his fifteenth birthday. 

Not long after, his younger brother Dan and his best friend Willy Scott formed a doo-wop trio called The Tiers. The Tiers eventually picked up electric guitars and drums plus a couple more members, and formed a rock band quite appropriately name Chaos. (Just like "Hanson", only Hanson had talent and got famous, and Chaos didn't). 

As Chaos was wrapping up their storied career, Dave was singing with the Washtenaw County Friends of the Chord, when he met Scott. Scott mentioned that he may be looking for a new bass for The Ivy League after their summer stint at Cedar Point. Dave mentioned that he just happened to know one that would be adequate. 

After The Ivy League's demise, Scott and Dave formed a new quartet within the City Light Chorus called Gangbusters. That quartet ended when Scott moved to Hawaii to direct the Honolulu Chorus. Since then, Dave has sung with, and has been dumped by some of the finest singers in the Pioneer District. In late 1997 joined a mixed a cappella ensemble called Fanfare, a group of barbershoppers and Sweet Adelines that enjoyed singing a variety of musical styles. Dave also sang in a smaller group formed from Fanfare called Kindred Spirits. Kindred Spirits began by singing contemporary Christian music but has since branched off to include other styles. Fanfare has since gone their separate ways, but Kindred Spirits still exists now as Vocal Montage. 

Dave found it necessary to leave Kindred Spirits in 1999 to join Dan and Willy again in a Christian band called Heaven Sown. "That was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make" says Dave. "Kindred Spirits was such an awesome group to sing with, and some of the finest people I've ever been associated with". They managed to replace him with one of Dave's bass heroes; Norm Thomson (Vagabonds).  

Heaven Sown Ministries (www.heavensown.com) is a musical ministry that performs a wide variety of styles. They have a rock band; complete with large drum kit and Marshall Amplifiers. For smaller venues and church services, they can go "unplugged" bringing only their acoustic guitars and light percussion. They also perform as an a cappella group called "Shout", singing R&B style a cappella and maybe some day and Barbershop arrangement or two. 

In the daytime, Dave works (or so he says) at United Brass Mfg.., a company that produces brass fittings and valves. He wears many hats at United Brass, Engineer, Tooling manager, Machinist and ISO 9001 manager. Dave's other hobbies include bench rest rifle shooting, gunsmithing, fly tying and fishing, guitar building, and computers. He has an Associate degree in Manufacturing Technology from Monroe Community College. 

Dave currently lives in Carleton, Michigan, with his lovely wife Tracey and daughters Kelly and Kathy. 



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