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Bob Hartley (Tenor) 


(Yes, that's his real name.) Bob began singing a capella as a tenor with THE IVY LEAGUE in 1983. He has represented the Pioneer District at International Conventions four times as well as having directed the Sweet Adeline International RIVER RAISIN CHORUS in Region 17 and the Macomb County HARMONY HERITAGE CHORUS to a District Championship. 

Bob's accomplishments as a singer include having represented the United States in worldwide competition as a member of the Easter Michigan University Madrigal Ensemble (where he met his bass, Brian, for the first time in 1981) placing second at Cork festival in Dublin, Ireland. 

He first sang lead in THE PHONICS and served as the permanent tenor of THE DAPPER DANS OF DISNEYLAND (although how he ended up at the Happiest Place on Earth is beyond us).  He currently sings lead with International Medalist Quartet Metropolis.


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