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Julie McCune, Director

Julie McCune
      Julie has been directing the Palo Duro Metro Chorus for 12 years. Many of those years, the chorus has been named 1st place in the small chorus division at our regional competitions. She says that has very little to do with her, and lots to do with the hard work these ladies put in. She feels it is an honor to stand in front of them every week and counts it one of the true joys of her life to be associated with Sweet Adelines and this chorus! Besides directing, she also sings with the quartet "Star Struck." She welcomes you to see her anytime at The Flower Gallery , in Amarillo. She has a daughter, Briana, 21, a son-in-law, Raymond, 24, and a son, Jacob, 19. She lives in Canyon, where she has been for...well, a really long time. She is very active in her church, The Summit. She looks forward to meeting you all after the show!

Dee Thomas, Assistant Director

      Dee Thomas
Dee joined Sweet Adelines in 1972 in San Diego California. She was a member of San Diego Chapter in 1975 when they became International Champions and in 1977 when they won Second Place at International. She first lived in Amarillo from 1979 to 1984. Due to relocation because of job transfers has been a member of Amarillo Chapter, Enchanted Mesa Chapter in Albuquerque and chapters in California and Missouri. She was a member of OK City Chapter from 1988 to 1999, and sang in a quartet, Confetti, for 10 years which was a consistent medalist at Regional Contests, placing as high as Second Place. Positions held are Show Chairman, Quartet Promotion Chairman, Script Committee Chairman, Performance Improvement, and functions as MC for local shows and Regional Contests and shows. Dee is also the Director of Golden Spread Chorus, and is their first female director. Under her direction she has led them to winning their Division contest for the last 2 years, and being named Most Improved Chorus. Dee is currently an active member of Palo Duro Metro Chapter in Amarillo and serves as Assistant Director and Performance Improvement Coordinator. Dee’s emphasis for the chorus is on consistent improvement by teaching a cappella craft and vocal production in the barbershop style.

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