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As in the wonderful Meredith Willson musical, The Music Man, every once in a while four men get together and find that they are Lead, Tenor, Bass, and Baritone and can make harmony together. Obviously the chance of this happening is greater in a group of men who like to sing than in the general population. Over the past five decades quartets have come and gone in this chapter, currently there are three active quartets - officially registered with the Barbershop Harmony Society - available for booking for community singing engagements.

Homeward Bound 

Homeward Bound is a decades-old quartet that has morphed with the times, once being known as Charley’s Angels, when Charley Paddock was the Lead. They sing classic barbershop songs as well as gospel music. The quartet features Tenor - Mark Yeokum, an airline pilot, Bass – Alex Tate a clothier, Lead - Carl Turlin a science teacher, and Baritone – Don Fuson, a communications consultant

Overland Express


Wendall (Tenor), Ken (Lead), Gary (Bass), Larry (Bari).

Pryme Tyme


Pryme Tyme is a quartet formed in 1987 and still singing regularly in the community and at chapter functions, finding an especial challenge in singing to audiences of older people who remember the songs of their younger days. They call themselves a ‘daytime quartet’ because all of the members are retired and available to perform during the day. The quartet members are: Tenor - Lee Fisher, Leads - Ken Jackson, a grocer, and Ben Stephenson, an engineer, who alternate in this part, also an engineer, Bass – Gary Talbert, an insurance representative, and Baritone - Bob Johnson, yet another engineer.

The School Board


The School Board is a quartet that originated in the 1960s and, over the years, has changed its name and singers several times. In the early 1970s this quartet sang in The Music Man in Theater in the Park in Johnson County, and later toured Europe in this same production. ‘The School Board’ of Meredith Willson’s Music Man was composed of the owner of a livery stable, a grocer, a banker, and a River City businessman. The 2009 School Board quartet is composed of: Tenor – Wendell Shaffer, Lead – Matthew Soule, a safety director, Bass – Danny Hewett, and Baritone - Larry Booker, a small business owner.

Fourmada 2012

Tom Millot(Tenor), Ken Jackson(Lead),Larry Posiner(Bass),

Bob Johnson(Bari)


Chas Angles

Original Charlie's Angles 1985-1987

David Monk, Charlie Paddock, Dee Clark, Francis Pace


Charlie’s Angles 1987-1990

Les Schrader(T),  Charlie Paddock(L),  Bob Nash(B),  Dee Clark(Bass)

Homeward Bound 1996-1998 (Formerly Charlie's Angles)
Dee Clark  Andrew Gerrard  Rex Raudenbush  Quentin Gates

Homeward Bound 1999-2002

Dee Clark Don Fuson Tom Millot Andrew Gerrard


Mark(Tenor), Andrew(Lead), Don(Bari), Dee(Bass)


Carl(Lead), Mark(Tenor, Don(Bari), Dee(Bass)

Melody Lane
Rich Lamer, Russ Craig, Bob Hamilton, Quentin Gates

Pryme Tyme
Lee Fisher,  Ken Jackson,  George Young, Bob Johnson

School Board

School Board

Russ Craig, Matthew Soule, Truitt Hause, Larry Booker

3 Generations

Russ Craig,  Dan Craig,  Leo Erickson, Derek Craig (Leo’s grandson)


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