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The Overland Stage Chorus is always interested in recruiting men who want to enjoy singing with other men in four-part harmony. Some musical experience is desirable but not necessary. Succinctly put, we seek men who can ‘carry a tune’ and who are willing to learn the art of singing in harmony. For the man who is not sure which part he might fit, a beginning as a Lead is usually desirable, with later transfer to one of the other three parts if appropriate to his voice. A particularly deep voice may allow immediate placement in the Bass section. A high natural range or the ability to sing high notes comfortably in a falsetto voice may lead to assignment to the Tenor section. In general, Baritones are men who have the ability to hold a difficult part making the fourth note in the chord.

The expenses are minimal, annual dues for the chorus and the Barbershop Harmony Society are $118.00 per year. Inquiries about membership should be directed to:


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