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The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Airdate: May 16, 1974 (NBC)


The Dapper Dans (tenor John Sherburn, lead Creighton Hogan, baritone Jerry Siggins and bass Doug Scott) were guests on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson during a three week period in May of 1974 in which the band led by trumpet player Carl "Doc" Severinsen were "withholding their services" as per their membership in Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians (AFL-CIO). The previous contract had expired on April 30 and various issues led to an impasse with the TV networks resulting in a work stoppage until they returned to work on May 28. Because the Dapper Dans performed acapella and without their organ chimes, they were not in violation of the union’s action and the show’s audience could still enjoy live music.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the Dapper Dans. The quartet had a solid 5 minute segment on the show, singing two lively numbers with routines that were warmly received by the audience and Johnny Carson. Johnny stopped by their dressing room to say hello to the quartet, but only Creighton Hogan met him as he was the only quartet member in the room at the time. The other guests on the show were actor McLean Stevenson (M*A*S*H), Christine Surma (the only licensed female auctioneer at the time), actor Joe Flynn (McHale’s Navy) and pediatrician Dr. Lendon Smith.


Click to hear their first song:  
"Let’s Dance the Ragtime Darling." (Words/music: Norman Kaye, published by Skip Music Co.)


Here is how to identify the men in the images below: 
John Sherburn in green - singing tenor, Creighton Hogan in red, singing lead,
Jerry Siggins in navy blue, singing baritone, Doug Scott in yellow, singing bass


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