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Dapper Dans - "Shave and a Haircut" CD -  2000

The first-ever Dapper Dans CD recording is now available! Enjoy 21 of their favorite songs, many featuring the Deagan Organ Chimes. For more information on how to get this recording, click here.


Happy Days  - 1993

This recording of the Dapper Dans (lead Shelby Grimm, tenor Mike Economou, baritone Dan Jordan and bass Jim Campbell) was made on stage at The Debbie Reynolds Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 11, 1993.


Dapper Dans Sweden Tour -  1984

This was recorded in preparation for the Dapper Dans' (lead Perry Carter, baritone Tim Reeder, tenor Rick Allan and bass Mic Bell) tour of Sweden. During their visit, they were featured artists at the choral festival and sang with many Swedish choral singers.


      Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - barbershop soundtrack - 1979

Guests who ride this attraction at Disneyland and at Disney World can hear the Dapper Dans singing these classics as they approach the barbershop and saloon near the end of the ride. The soundtrack gives the impression of music and mirth emanating from the town of Rainbow Ridge. The Dapper Dans of Ron Browne (baritone), Doug Scott (bass), Rick Allan (tenor) and Perry Carter (lead) recorded these songs in 1979 at a studio in Burbank. They also recorded some of the corny jokes coming from the saloon that you can hear on the attraction.


The Dapper Dans live at The Roxy Theatre - 1973

These are highlights from a private recording of a live show in 1973 at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California featuring the Dapper Dans (tenor John Sherburn, lead Creighton Hogan, baritone Jerry Siggins and bass Doug Scott) appearing with Ragtime pianist Rod Miller. The entertaining combo of the Dapper Dans and Rod Miller were in high demand on the west coast barbershop show circuit in the 1970s and this recording captures their spirit of frivolity and great showmanship.


Dapper Dans Home Recording - 1969

The Dapper Dans (lead Mahlon Schanzenbach, tenor Don Lindstrom, baritone Doug Strawn and bass Mike Gallup) created a home tape recording of some of their repertoire as a lasting momento for the quartet. They were gracious enough to share some of their favorite songs from this private recording for the Dapper Dans website.


Dapper Dans on "Strike Up The Disneyland Band" LP - 1969

The Dapper Dans (lead Mahlon Schanzenbach, baritone Doug Strawn, tenor Don Lindstrom and bass Mike Gallup) sang two songs arranged by Sonny Anderson on this LP (Buena Vista Records/STER-4046) recorded by the Disneyland Band in 1969, under the direction of James Christensen. The record contains 22 selections. The Dapper Dans quartet name is in the song credits on the back, but there is no mention of the individual quartet members or a photo.


Dapper Dans 33 1/3 demo record - 1964

The Dapper Dans' manager/coach/arranger Dr. Val Hicks produced and arranged the 4 songs on this vinyl demo record. Pianist Don Beamsley and the drummer from the Golden Horseshoe Revue backed up the Dapper Dans (lead Perry Carter, baritone Ron Browne, tenor Jim Schamp and bass Gene Morford), who are often reminiscent of another famous vocal quartet, the Hi-Los. These songs are a great example of this quartet's artistry.



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