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About  Us

               Valentine's Day  2017


            4 Directions and an Admirer


Christmas 2011

                    Four Heavens Sake

Who are the Arlingtones The Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus is a non-profit singing group dedicated to preserving and performing barbershop music in Arlington, Virginia, and the surrounding area. The Arlingtones were founded in 1957. The chorus and chapter quartets have a lengthy and well-known tradition of providing clean, wholesome, quality entertainment for a variety of functions throughout Northern Virginia. In the spring and fall of each year we produce and perform an original barbershop production with the chorus, our quartets and guest performers.

We are proud to take a leading role in welcoming women members to The Chorus during the past 2 years.

AffiliationsThe Arlingtones Barbershop Chorus is the Arlington, Virginia chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, formerly known as the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Incorporated or SBEBSQSA. We are one of over 700 chapters in the United States and Canada with combined membership of over 30,000 men. The Society is affiliated with a number of other barbershop singing organizations around the world. The Chapter is sponsored in part by Arlington County through the Cultural Affairs Division of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources and the Arlington Commission for the Arts.

The Arlingtones are a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization.

Vision Statement :   The Arlingtones seek to preserve the art of 4-part a cappella music by offering musical performances in the barbershop style, demonstrating fellowship by their activities, and promoting a community spirit within Arlington.

The Arlingtones' Mission is :

  • To enthusiastically promote the uniquely American a cappella musical style called barbershop
  • To encourage vocal harmony, fellowship, and good entertainment in the community
  • To strive for the best artistic and vocal quality possible at each performance
  • To perform within the community on a regular basis
  • To accept the challenge of competition with the goal of promoting greater public appreciation of barbershop harmony
  • To encourage all members and non-members alike to participate within their capabilities
  • To both encourage and welcome everyone of good character wishing to participate in this hobby.

Officers:    President  -  Bob Paulson
                  Immediate Past President - Tom Wiener
                 Music Director  -  Tom Wiener
                 Secretary  - Vacant
Treasurer  -  Todd Minners
                Vice President, Membership & Development  -   Bob O'Harrow
               Vice President of Music and Performance  -  Vacant

Chapter Quartets :       Four Directions
                                        Four Heavens Sake
                                        Mixed Blessings
                                        Blue Notes


Webmaster:    Bob O'Harrow