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You can sing too!

Unleash the singer within!

If you think you can sing… YOU CAN!

If you're the kind of guy who sings in the shower, sings in the car, sings to himself ... but wouldn’t dream of singing in public… well, fear no more! You can sing too!

Singing is fun! Uplifting! Energizing!

Immerse yourself in music, and stress is washed away. You'll feel alive, energized, fulfilled when your voice blends to create rich, sweet harmony.

There may be no more expressive way of sharing the love in your heart than singing… no way of saying "I love you" more tenderly… no way of sharing the joy of being a parent with your youngsters… than by making music with the voice. You can sing too!


Made music before? You're going love singing with us!

Maybe you've sung in these places…

· Karaoke

· Church choir

· School chorus

· Stage plays and musicals

· Band, rock group, folk group, etc.

· In the car, in the shower, for your baby

Now you can sing every week! Whether in a chorus or quartet, there are singers waiting to help you share the fun of close harmony


Never sung before? It's time you tried it!

Most men who say they enjoy singing also believe that with some coaching, they could sing with other people or in front of other people.

The Barbershop Harmony Society offers a place for you blend your voice in close a cappella harmony every week. The more you sing, the more fun you'll want to sing… and the better you'll get!

You can sing too!

You’re probably already a better singer than you think. But you don't need to sing alone when you can sing along.


Anyone can be a singer. We can teach you, help you every step of the way, share the fun of making music with people who are passionate about harmony. You can sing too!


Making harmony … making friends

The Barbershop Harmony Society brings together men from across the continent who love to make great a cappella harmony together. With more than 30,000 singers in the U.S. and Canada, we're the place where you can sing too!


If you want to develop as a singer...

You'll find lots of opportunities to learn more about your voice and how to use it, through weekly meetings, workshops, schools and instructional materials.


If you like to stretch your abilities...

You'll enjoy taking part in contests, presenting shows, and polishing your skills to their ultimate potential.


If you're looking for a fun place to make music....

You'll find loads of social activities, weekly afterglows, conventions and performances.


Want to sing? It's right around the corner!

Call us today!  419-779-9-1406


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