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The Little Egypt Chorus meets every Tuesday 7:00PM in the the choral music room (B-130) at Carbondale Community High School, 1301 E. Walnut, Carbondale, IL.  We are constantly striving to add new voices to our chorus.  For information email us at or call Peter Gimse at 618-303-9579.


Who We Are


We are the Little Egypt Chorus of the Carbondale Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  We are an International organization with members numbering in the thousands worldwide.  Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life comprise our membership with one thing in common - we enjoy singing Barbershop style music.  The Barbershop musical style is an American art form.  We strive to preserve that style and keep it alive worldwide by actively singing it and encouraging others to do so.


What We Do


We provide the opportunity and encouragement for members to sing in our chorus and a quartet.  We provide the music and the instructions needed to learn the music.  We perform for various organizations with our Chapter chorus and quartets.  We offer entertainment enjoyed by the entire family.  We support local programs of public interest.


Why We Do It


It's FUN!.  Barbershop Harmony is for men and women who like to sing and enjoy the sound of voices blending chords in the Barbershop style.  Singing helps you forget your worries and makes you feel better by improving your attitude toward your life and your fellow man.  Singing allows you to share something you enjoy with others.  Barbershop harmony expresses a message from an era when people enjoyed the simpler pleasures of life.  Singing is good for your health.  Take time to sing, and better yet, come sing with us.  Contact any member of our Board Of Directors listed in the link below for more information.

We Are Available!

Do you need good wholesome entertainment?  Our chorus and quartets are available.  Regarding chorus/quartet performance requests call Peter Gimse at 618-303-9579.   


Little Egypt Chorus Board of Directors



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