Wow!  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated this webpage and much has transpired in the interim.

The BHS no langer handles “Unpublished” arrangements.  They now show only “Published” arrangements on their website, you will see both categories listed, but they contain the same charts. (I can’t make this stuff up, folks!)

In the process the BHS kept many of my arrangements, and they dropped a bunch that DID have copyright clearance.

So, I went through MY list of arrangements and the BHS list of arrangements, and I organized the titles into five (5) categories:

BHS    arrangements available through the BHS - just buy copies from them

PD       arrangements that are PUBLIC DOMAIN songs - they are available directly from me WC      arrangements that WERE copyright cleared but the BHS did not “Publish” them

NC       arrangements that NEED to be copyright cleared -WC & NC file A&R request with BHS

LOST   arrangements that are LOST - I don’t have a copy and the BHS doesn’t either!

Click on this link for my ARRANGEMENT LIST page to see the titles.  Please email me at if you have questions, or you would like to talk about a Custom Arrangement.

Steve Jamison 5/27/18