Bub Thomas, Neel Tyree, Tom Howe,
Buddy Seeberg,  Dick Kneeland

November 16, 1976
On the Diamond Horseshoe stage for "An Evening of Fun and Frolic." This was an entire show put together by the Dapper Dans to show the Disney World management the various routines and talents the Dapper Dans could offer to convention shows; material they would not normally do on Main Street,U.S.A. A packed house watched all 6 of the Dapper Dans combine for a huge variety of bits, including barbershop singing ventriloquist "dummies," Bub's "Whistler's Mother" sketching routine, dancing in ballet tutus with huge bouncing balls, a comic slide show and plenty of dancing and vaudeville comedy. Thinking they would not be allowed to use their striped costumes for such events, they went out and purchased $300 white suits, only to find out later that they could indeed use their usual costumes. Anybody want to buy a white suit?