Left to right (except for photo in upper left-hand corner):
Jerry Siggins (bari), Bob Mathis (tenor),
Dick Kneeland (lead), Bub Thomas (bass)

October 28, 1971.
This was the first show the Dapper Dans of Disney World did after they had relocated to Florida from Disneyland in California. They appeared on the Friday evening show at the 1971 Sunshine District Fall Convention, hosted by the Greater Canaveral Chapter of SPEBSQSA. The Convention was held at the Atlantis Beach Motel in Cocoa Beach.. Tim Hanrahan, the Convention Chairman, was worrying about their arrival; it turns out they made a wrong turn and got lost on Merritt Island, a strip of land between the mainland and the beach areas.
In the first photo they are singing "I'm Going Over the Hills to Virginia".  Bub would pretend Jerry was a bass (the instrument) and pluck him as Jerry "bumm, bummed" with each pluck. Eventually Bub would have the front of Jerry's shirt pulled out.

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