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Tony Orlando and Dawn Part II


Click here to hear the second part of the Dapper Dans’ segment of the show:

"By The Light Of The Silvery Moon" - 1909, words by Edward Madden, music by Gus Edwards, public domain, arranged by the Dapper Dans.

Singing the classic
"By The Light Of The Silvery Moon."

For the reprise, Tony takes
"By The Light Of The Silvery Moon"
into a modern pop vein, as the quartet is accompanied by a band and then does
a dance routine.

The camera pans across the quartet as bass Doug Scott gets a close-up.

baritone Jerry Siggins

toad67.jpg (5004 bytes)

tenor John Sherburn

toad82.jpg (5019 bytes)

Tony Orlando and John Sherburn give us their best "ooh" vowels. A little side note: John Sherburn said that Tony loved Oreo Cookies – he ate almost an entire bag the day of the shooting!

toad87.jpg (5649 bytes)

"I left my baby down by,
down by the light of the silvery moon…"

toad89.jpg (5581 bytes)

Hunching their shoulders
during the dance routine.

toad90.jpg (5740 bytes)

Cutting a rug with Tony Orlando.

toad86.jpg (3723 bytes)

Doug sings a bass lick on the tag "…down by the light of the silvery moon."

toad26.jpg (5931 bytes)

Telma and Joyce add their harmony to the tag with "We think they’re through!"

toad28.jpg (5280 bytes)

The quartet takes their bows for an appreciative studio audience. At the end of the show, they reprised this song in the audience and danced in the aisles as the credits rolled.

Here is some more background on Tony Orlando and Dawn:

The show ran from July 3, 1974 to July 24, 1974 and from December 4, 1974 to December 28, 1976.

After a short recording career in 1961 (during which he recorded "Bless You" and "Halfway to Paradise"), Tony Orlando became a record producer and promoter.

In 1970, as a favor for a friend, he added the lead vocal to a demonstration record, "Candida"; as the background vocals had already been recorded, Orlando did not meet the other singers – Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent Wilson, who called themselves Dawn – until after the record became a national hit. The three recorded several more hits, including "Knock Three Times" and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon," the biggest record of 1973.

In 1974 they hosted a four-week summer replacement for The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour; the series resurfaced later that year in the Wednesday slot previously occupied by Sons and Daughters. During the 1975-1976 season regulars included Alice Nunn, Lonnie Schorr, and Lynn Stuart. In the fall of 1976 the show was retitled Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow Hour; the regulars included George Carlin, Susan Lanier, Bob Holt, Edie McClurg, Adam Wade, and Nancy Steen. Saul Ilson and Ernest Chambers were the producers.

For more on this episode and the entire series, visit the Friends of Tony Orlando and Dawn site.

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