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Airdate: September 29, 1998 (ABC) Produced by Touchstone Television.

Episode: "Adios" Episode 178, Season Eight

Cast: Tim Allen (Tim Taylor), Patricia Richardson (Jill Taylor), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy Taylor), Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor), Taran Smith (Mark Taylor), Earl Hindman (Wilson), Richard Karn (Al Borland), Debbe Dunning (Heidi)

Guest Cast: Courtney Peldon (Lauren), Dennis Cochrum (Wade Waller), Shelby Grimm (Flannel #1), Jim Campbell (Flannel #2), Bill Lewis (Flannel #3), Tim Reeder (Flannel #4), Steffon Sam (L.L. Tool J.), Sam Sarpong (Grand Master Bath)


The Taylor family has to say some tough goodbyes to Randy after he is unexpectedly accepted into a year long environmental study program in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Tool Time holds auditions for a group to write lyrics to the Tool Time theme music.

To listen to the Flannels' barbershop rendition of the Tool Time theme song   click here.
Tool Time theme by Dan Foliart, arranged by The Dapper Dans.


Tim Reeder (Flannel #4), Shelby Grimm (Flannel #1),
Jim Campbell (Flannel #2), Bill Lewis (Flannel #3)
Heidi: "Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm hello to The Flannels!"
Al: "Now there’s a good looking bunch!"
Tim Taylor: Yeah, if you’re a single woman at a Scottish mixer, huh?
Where are your instruments, guys?"
Shelby: "We don’t have any, we’ll be singing ‘Al’-cappella!"


Singing their barbershop rendition of the Tool Time theme song: "Everyone get set for Tool Time. Wrenches! Everyone get set for Tool Time. Ratchets!…"


Al and Tim (gong mallet at the ready) are enjoying the Flannels.


The camera pans across the quartet for close-ups

           Tim (Flannel #4)                       Shelby (Flannel #1)            Jim (Flannel #2)          Bill (Flannel #3)


The Flannels sing a big tag to the Tool Time theme song: "Circular, circular, circular, circular, sa-aw-aws!" to thunderous applause from the studio audience.


Tim Allen: "Congratulations guys, you made it to the semi-finals." The Flannels immediately sing their response: "Semi-finals!!"


Tim Allen: "You guys are great." Flannels (sung): "Really great!!" Tim Allen: "See ya next time. See us next time!! "You’re pushing it." Flannels (sung): "We’re pushing it!" They then get the hook, but at least not the gong!


dd038HP.jpg (12566 bytes)

The Flannels strike a pose with Richard Karn ("Al Borland") just minutes before their entrance.


Photo opportunity with Emmy-nominated actress Patricia Richardson who plays Jill Taylor.


"The Flannels" pose with actress Debbe Dunning who plays Tool Time girl Heidi Keppert.


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