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The Magic of Christmas at Disneyland

1992 video produced by Walt Disney Attractions, Inc.
Approximately 30 minutes running time, in color, presented in stereo.

Description on back of box: "This Holiday Season you’re invited to the jolliest, holliest celebration of them all. Come share in the fun and festivities with all your favorite Disney friends as they prepare The Magic Kingdom for the Holidays. It’s the year’s most spectacular celebration – and you’re our special guests. Join Mickey, Minnie and the gang in a holiday wonderland of parades, carollers, and good old-fashioned cheer, while they celebrate the Season as only Disney can."

The Dapper Dans (Shelby Grimm - baritone, Jim Campbell - bass, Mike Economou - tenor, Dan Jordan - lead) sing the first musical number in this enchanting video that is sold only at Disneyland Park during the holiday season. They are firemen who wash and polish the fire wagon while singing the beautiful ballad "Let’s Have an Old-Fashioned Christmas" in front of the Disneyland Fire Department. During the song there are cuts to various scenes of Disney characters getting ready for the holidays, Disneyland guests shopping and children enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

Listen as the Dapper Dans sing the tag to their song, wishing you a merry Christmas on this old-fashioned Christmas day!    Click here


Top left: Jim Campbell , bottom left: Shelby Grimm,
top right: Mike Economou, bottom right: Dan Jordan

Let’s have an old-fashioned Christmas: church bells ringing, children singing, mistletoe, moonlight on the snow."


top: Shelby, Mike, bottom: Jim, Dan

"A ride with my sweetheart, you know the next part. An old-fashioned Christmas: snowflakes falling, children calling through the town, people rushing ‘round with Christmas spirit in their hearts."


"Merry Christmas!…"


"On this old-fashioned Christmas day! Humm..."

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