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CBS This Morning

Airdate: May 14, 1992 (CBS)


Produced by CBS News, CBS This Morning debuted November 30, 1987. It was hosted by Harry Smith and Paula Zahn (who replaced Kathleen Sullivan in February, 1990). In this particular broadcast, the anchors got periodic reports from weatherman Mark McEwen at Disneyland. He would plug various attractions at Disneyland, such as "Fantasmic!," and then deliver the nation’s weather forecast.

The Dapper Dans opened a segment of the show by entering on the fire truck, then singing and playing the CBS This Morning theme song: "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" (from Oklahoma!). Roger Rabbit, Donald Duck and Pluto bound in to greet the viewers and then Harry Smith mentions The Dapper Dans by name, as you hear in the sound clip below. You’ll notice the show’s graphics staff mistakenly placed Disneyland in Memphis, Tennessee.


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Mike Economou (tenor), Shelby Grimm (lead),
David Fries (baritone, subbing for Dan Jordan), Jim Campbell (bass)

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