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In Memoriam

Charles David "Bub" Thomas (1911- 1997)

A Dapper Dan 1970-1997

Taken in 1944 at The Bomb Shelter in Long Beach, California, Bub's first emcee job.

Taken in 1958 on stage at his club The Roaring 20s in Torrance, California. (Note the Mickey ears formed by hats hanging on wall in background.)




licenseplate.jpg (4603 bytes)

Designer license plate designed by Roger Ross.

officesign.jpg (6470 bytes)

Bub drew this sign for his office at the Magic Kingdom.

In 1984 Bub was a grand marshall for Donald Duck's 50th Birthday parade in the Magic Kingdom.




Feature article profiling Bub Thomas from March/April, 1974 issue of The Harmonizer, official publication of SPEBSQSA. Article was written by Donna Morgan of the Walt Disney World Public Relations Department
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March/April 1974 Harmonizer Article.

Cover and feature article on Bub Thomas and the Dapper Dans of Florida in The Harmonizer, official publication of SPEBSQSA. The cover is a great shot in front of the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street, U.S.A. of the first Dapper Dans quartet in Florida, shortly after they arrived there in October, 1971. The long feature article focuses on the career of Bub Thomas and the history and development of the Dapper Dans in Florida under his leadership. March/April 1979
To see the article click on:
March/April 1979 Harmonizer Article.




Small article on page 22 in September, 1991 issue of Travel & Leisure
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(Warning large graphic)


Article from June, 1992 issue of Westunes, official publication of the Far Western District of SPEBSQSA. 
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Article from January 30, 1997 of Orlando Sentinel on the passing of Bub Thomas on January 28, 1997.  
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Circa August, 1952 at the Colony Club in Gardena, California. Bub appeared as a shipwrecked sailor stuck on an island with a band of beautiful women in a burlesque version of South Pacific starring Billie Bird.

Circa 1952 at the Colony Club in Gardena, California. Bub appeared as a single in many shows here with comedienne Billie Bird (right).


One of Bub's promotional pamplets.
Larger view

Promotional shot with one of his dummies.




Bub and his portrait of Bob Moffett in 1959, painted after Bob passed away. Bob Moffett was a well-known and much loved barbershop director (Los Angeles Chapter), coach, arranger, singer (sang with Bub in a later version of The 4 Barons of Harmony) and was instrumental in helping to form the Far Western District of SPEBSQSA. Commissioned by the South Bay Chapter as a memorial to their friend, the painting was later given to Bob's wife.

October 18, 1962. Bub Thomas is sketching Edmund G. "Pat" Brown (1905-1996, governor of California 1959-1967) at a news conference. Brown won reelection in 1962 against former vice president and presidential candidate Richard Nixon, leading to Nixon's famous "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore" speech.

roaring20smuralsmall.gif (9298 bytes)

A famous hand-painted canvas mural created by Bub that he put on the walls of his Roaring 20s nightclub. Try to see how many of the celebrities, athletes and public figures you can identify in this unique and colorful work of art.  Click here to enlarge mural.  (warning very large graphic)




roaring20ssign.gif (6836 bytes)

Bub ran his nightclub in Torrance, California from about 1957 until the late '60s, at some point having bought out co-owner Harry Lieberman. The club featured stand-up comedians doubling as bartenders and waitresses, bands, barbershop quartets and other variety acts, including Bub's own brand of stand-up entertainment

1957 advertisement for Roaring 20s. Frank Lieberman was a bartender and comedian who was often featured at the club.


"Paulie Piano," (piano player) Bub Thomas, Billie Bird and Miles Middough casually performing together at Roaring 20s. Billie Bird was performing her act at the club at the time. These kind of impromptu performances were very common at the club.

Billie Bird, Dick Ferrin and Bub Thomas playing the Deagan Organ Chimes at Roaring 20s. Behind Dick is a sketching pad where Bub would do a complimentary caricature for patrons - SEE YOURSELF AS BUB THOMAS SEES YOU.

Dick Ferrin, Bub Thomas and Miles Middough playing the Deagan Organ Chimes on stage at Roaring 20s. Bub always had a set of organ chimes on hand, as well as assorted other instruments, ventriloquism dummies, props and other novelties.




hospitalshow1954.jpg (12136 bytes)

May, 1954 free show for patients at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, California. Bub appears with left to right: Rob Williams (guitar), Marie Fitzer (singer), Harry Uhlman (trombone), Boogie Santobi (clarinet), Jeanie Sterling (singer), Warren Gale (trumpet), Howie Gibeault (drums), Norma Teagarden (piano) and comedien Eddie Zero (dancing on the right with Bub.)


June, 1980. A caricature envelope sent to friend and former vaudevillian partner Billie Bird. This was typical of Bub's outreach to both friends and strangers who needed encouragement, congratulations or a "get well soon."


weloveyoubub.gif (21133 bytes)

September 9, 1980.
Poem written by Bill Ward and presented by the Miami Chapter of SPEBSQSA.


bubandjerryfitzell.jpg (9647 bytes)

1989. Bub and Jerry Fitzell, tenor in his early quartets. Bub and a lot of his friends and fellow performers gathered at Chuck Nader's Barn for a fundraising performance to raise money to help his great-granddaughter Meranda (pictured below) who was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is still alive today.Also performing that evening were Billie Bird, Miles Middough and the Dapper Dans of Disneyland (Jerry Siggins, Dan Jordan, Mike Economou, David Fries).



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