Neel Tyree (baritone), Buddy Seeberg (tenor), Bub Thomas (bass), Dick Kneeland (lead)
Neel's quartet was doing well with Bruce Brann on bass, but eventually Bub was brought in and then a "revolving" quartet started that was dependent on who was available to work on a given day. When Sonny Anderson brought in Bub Thomas, Bub had an ideal quartet in mind. This included bass Don Nunez (Four Bits of Harmony, with whom Bub had subbed), who was on vacation at the time, so Bub brought in veteran vaudevillian Jimmy Stine to fill in (he was in The Four Barons, the Gas House 4 and The 4 Dandies with Bub). His ideal quartet also included tenor Jack Hedger (Long Beach Chapter) and lead "Dutch" Holland (all-purpose 4 -part man from one of Bub's favorite's The Merry Chords). Then the "revolving door" began to turn.    Jimmy Stine ran out of gas after a few weeks and was replaced by Nunez who was back from vacation.