Buddy Seeberg, Dick Kneeland,
Miles Middough, Bub Thomas

June, 1971
A couple other men who sang during this "revolving door" period included Pete Neushul (lead of Bunster Freely Quartet) and George Davis (tenor of The Terpsichords), Joe Beautz, and Tom Howe of the Simi Valley Chapter and Conejo Valley Chapter.    During this period, Bub was hoping to land a position for himself in the Golden Horseshoe Revue. This did not happen and the Dapper Dans were only working on weekends, holidays and summers, so Bub pushed to get the quartet more work, but to no avail. Then, entertainment manager Sonny Anderson asked the Dapper Dans to go to Florida to help open the new park outside of Orlando. Bub decided to go but had a problem finding guys who wanted to pull up roots and go to an uncertain future clear across the country