Buddy Seeberg (tenor), Bub Thomas (bari), Miles Middough (bass), Dick Kneeland (lead)
June, 1971
Substitute Miles Middough began subbing in 1970. He was a former WWII era Air Force pilot and instructor (B-17s, B-29s) and close friend of Bub's from the South Bay Chapter who had sung in The Grandsons of Harmony, The Four Bits of Harmony, The Mavericks (Dallas Chapter) and also played the organ chimes with Bub in The Terpsichords. In the late '80s he taught at Harmony College with Bub and Ron Browne (tap-dancing and entertainment value.) In '72 he was more in the TV and film biz and in '73 left the Dapper Dans to pursue that. Miles was assistant director on the film Deliverance (he became the main director for the last 2/3 of the film when Al Jennings broke his ankle in Georgia.) He also was assistant director/production manager for High Chaparral, Bonanza, Little House on the Prarie, and the pilot episodes of Gilligan's Island and Kung Fu.