Bub Thomas (bass), Bob Griffiths (tenor),
Dick Kneeland (lead), Jerry Siggins (bari)
July, 1971
Substitute Bob Griffiths was tenor (not original) of The Saints.  Bub had also brought in baritone Jerry Siggins Jr. from the South Bay Chapter. Jerry had just gotten out of the Army in 1970 and was a theatre/acting student at College of the Desert in Palm Springs. In September of '71 Jerry would go to Florida with the Dapper Dans and after about a year would eventually return to California (replaced by Tom Howe who had been singing with the Anahiem Dapper Dans) to finish his education, pursue an acting career in commercials and sing again with the Anaheim Dapper Dans. Jerry was the namesake of his dad, the great bass singer/stand-up bass player Jerry Siggins of the South Bay Chapter. Photo by Andrew Zarchy, courtesy Jerry Siggins.