Jerry Siggins (bari), Dick Kneeland (lead), Bub Thomas (bass), Bob Mathis (tenor)
July, 1971
This quartet was drafted for the opening of the new park outside Orlando, Florida on October 1, 1971. The quartet Bub settled on was himself on bass, lead Dick Kneeland, tenor Bob Mathis (Buddy could not leave his job as city engineer in Torrance) and Jerry Siggins on bari (Neel still had 2 years to go in his engineering job to qualify for eventual retirement benefits; he would later go to Florida to rejoin that group.) Bub had recruited Bob Mathis, lead of the Pasadena Chapter's Crown City Good Time Music Company, to replace Bob Griffiths in the tenor spot.  They performed several weeks for the employees and their families who were preparing the new park. A planned 3 month stay turned into decades of work in Florida. In Anaheim, there still remained a Dapper Dans quartet to carry on the tradition.