Buddy Seeberg (tenor),
Dick Ferrin (lead, subbing for Dick Kneeland), Miles Middough (bass), Bub Thomas (baritone)
September, 1970
Bub Thomas brought the Deagan Organ Chimes into the act.  His friend and fellow vaudevillian performer, comedienne Billie Bird, had taught Bub how to play the chimes.  It was her chimes that the Dappers first used.  Buddy Seeberg (The Manhatters), was brought in to replace original tenor Jack Hedger who quit. Substitute lead  Dick Ferrin was a past president of the South Bay Chapter and had sung with Bub and substitute bass Miles Middough in the '60s in The Terpsichords, a popular quartet of the South Bay Chapter that played the Deagan Organ Chimes. Dutch Holland left the quartet and also bass Don Nunez, who was working three jobs. So Bub brought in Neel Tyree to sing baritone so Bub could go to bass; Neel said he'd come in if Dick Kneeland could come also. This took the group through the end of the summer season in 1971.