Bill Lewis, Shelby Grimm,
Jim Campbell, Tim Reeder

(subbing for John Heffron)

April 18, 1996
Tim Reeder would later become the full-time tenor with the Dapper Dans in December of 1997, replacing John Heffron. On April 28, 1996 the Dapper Dans (Shelby Grimm, Jim Campbell, Bill Lewis, John Heffron) were the featured quartet on the Long Beach SPEBSQSA chapter's Your Basic Barbershop Concert, appearing with Late Night Barbershop, The Hamiltones ('95/'96 high-school quartet champs), Park Avenue Vocal Ensemble (Wilson High School, directed by Curtis Heard), International City Barbershop Chorus (directed by Rich Hasty) and the Centennial High School Chamber Choir (directed by Greg Lapp).


Early 1997