Shelby Grimm (lead),
Jim Schamp (tenor),
Jerry Siggins (bari),
Kerry Duse (bass)

December, 1987
Posing with Shelby's brother Russ at the porch on Main Street, U.S.A. In January through March of '88, Shelby was also performing as ringmaster in "Circus Fantasy III." He had come to the Dapper Dans as a performer who had done many shows at the park, including the first "Circus Fantasy" in February through March of 1986. In May of 1984 Shelby was performing as The Boss in the Golden Horseshoe Revue and was first-call sub for Fulton Burley and Jan Meyer until the show closed. He had also performed in Tokyo Disneyland in the fall of 1984 at the Diamond Horseshoe as Diamond Jim. In October of 1988, Jim turned the leadership position of the Dapper Dans over to Shelby.

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