"Danny and the Dappers"
Shelby Grimm, Rick Allan,
Jerry Siggins, Mike Geiger

January to February, 1988
"Blast To The Past I." The members of the Dapper Dans were re-cast to become Danny & The Dappers with Rick on tenor, Shelby on lead, Jerry on baritone and bass/guitar player/arranger Mike Geiger (auditioned for the bass position in the doo-wop act when Kerry Duse left the quartet). They performed on the Jukebox stage in Central Plaza 8 shows daily, 5 days a week. They would also be driven down Main Street in a '57 Chevy Bel-Air equipped with a sound system and sing as they rode. The Dapper Dans saw that the park valued their versatility as a vocal quartet and were very proud of their ability to sing many kinds of music and adapt to any number of special events. Danny and the Dappers were used for many private parties