Tom Howe (tenor), Creighton Hogan (lead), Bruce Brann (baritone), Doug Scott (bass)
February, 1972
On the right in Coke Corner was a Coca-Cola display that featured bottles from around the world. Tom Howe was a 4 -part barbershopper originally from rural Ohio who dreamt of singing professionally. At the time he was singing with the Simi Valley Chapter (Dick Kneeland had asked Tom to come and try out for the Dappers) and was one of the original members of the Conejo Valley Chapter in '63. Tom started with the Dappers in mid 1970 and later would go to Florida in September of 1972 to replace Jerry Siggins (when Jerry returned to California) and would work there until 1978. In 1970 when he first came out to audition, Tom remembers his first encounter with Bub Thomas. Bub: "You Tom?" Tom: "You Bub?" Bub: "You any good?" Tom: "I'm the best Dapper Dan you've ever seen!" And away they went!