Creighton Hogan (lead), John Sherburn (tenor), Jerry Siggins (bari), Doug Scott (bass)
Doug Scott (Fullerton Chapter) was put in as leader of the Anaheim Dapper Dans when Bub Thomas went to Florida. Doug had taught high school from '60 to '69 and also was in security at the park from '67 until he sang  for the Dapper Dans from summer of '71 until '82, returning to security for a few years. In security he was often in charge of VIP details, escorting dignitaries and heads of state.  Dr. Henry Kissinger personally asked for him as his escort on one occasion. Doug started out as a professional trombonist, and was playing in a band at Bub's Roaring 20's club when Bub got him to sing bass. The group in Anaheim for about a year was Doug on bass, tenor Buddy Seeberg, lead Jerry Franz (airline pilot and barbershopper from Conejo Valley Chapter)and bari Howe. They had to prove themselves to the park management, once getting the comment, "Well, tomorrow is another day..." But soon they were on a roll, establishing a new tradition of their own.