John Borneman, Fred Frank,
T.J. Marker, Roger Axworthy

August, 1961.
At one point, Entertainment Director Tommy Walker kicked around an idea of using the Dapper Dans and the bicycle to gain more publicity for the park. They were going to ride the bike from New York City to Disneyland (Fred Waring had done a similar cross-country trip on a bus.) The 2 month odyssey was to be kicked off on The Ed Sullivan Show with the quartet stopping in big cities to give each mayor the "Key to Disneyland," finally arriving in grand style at Disneyland on July 4th. The American Heart Association was going to monitor their heartbeats. They even "trained" on the bike in Frontierland in the hours before the park opened (only one man pedaling to build up endurance), but the whole idea eventually fizzled out. It was probably doomed from the start because although Fred and John were in shape, T.J. was not and Roger was asthmatic. In addition, the bike was only a 1-speed and it would have been a real laborious journey. Anyway, it makes for a great story!