Roger Axworthy, Fred Frank,
T.J. Marker, John Borneman

August, 1961.
Fred remembers a bunch of SPEBSQSA quartets coming to Disneyland to perform around Easter of 1961, including the Sidewinders (became champs in '64.)  At one point respected barbershopper Earl Moon approached the Dapper Dans and gracefully told them that they were good technicians and had good voices, but that they were not singing the barbershop style well at all. Earl offered to help them, so they took some free private lessons at his house where he improved their sound and also gave them some of his arrangements, including "On San Francisco Bay" and "It's Ray-Ray-Rainin'." These songs are still in the Dapper Dan repertoire today and the Dapper Dans have encountered Earl many times through the years at barbershop chapter shows.