Ron Browne, Gene Morford,
Jim Schamp, Perry Carter

In May of 1965 the Riverside Chapter was putting on a show at a 5000 seat amphitheatre in San Bernadino. The Dapper Dans were on a show line-up that included the Osmond Brothers and the Sidewinders. It was realized that Perry's  voice recital at Chapman College was on the same evening.   So, Perry rented a helicopter to avoid bad traffic and take him from Chapman College to the show! The helicopter landed at Chapman football field (where the fire dept. was brought in as a safety precaution) and whisked him off to the show. At the outdoor venue,  a car circled to act as a landing site and just as the Sidewinders were singing a soft ballad, directly overhead came Perry in the chopper! It turned out that the  Sidewinders switched with the Dappers to help save them time. But they later gave Perry a little good-natured ribbing for his aerial stunt. They asked the audience that when the Dapper Dans introduced themselves, each member of the quartet was to get a huge ovation, except for Perry who was greeted with dead silence!