Jim Schamp, Tom Knox,
Fred Frank, Ron Browne

July, 1966.
Rehearsing "Tiger Rag" for NBC’s Mickie Finn's. In this routine, bass singer Fred became a ferocious, growling tiger bent on scaring the other guys. The "Tiger Rag" song and routine was inspired by the Manhatters quartet and the South Bay Chapter of SPEBSQSA. Over the years, the South Bay Chapter chorus and its quartets had a great influence on the Dapper Dans, both in Anaheim and in Florida. Many of the later Dapper Dans in the 1970s (Bub Thomas, Dick Kneeland, Jerry Siggins, Miles Middough among others) came from this chorus. Because of that, some songs and routines of the Dapper Dans were often inspired by and borrowed from the chorus and show quartets of this great chapter. More on this will be discussed in the 1970s history.


July 1966