Perry Carter, Ron Browne,
Gene Morford, Jim Schamp

July, 1963.
The Dapper Dans occasionally got to sing for Walt Disney. Walt would often take dignitaries around Disneyland in his old-fashioned electric car. One particular day in 1963, Walt was taking the editor of National Geographic, Melville Bell Grosvenor, on a tour for the August, 1963 issue that featured Walt Disney and Disneyland (it contains one of the rare photographs of the interior of Walt's apartment above the firehouse on Main Street.) At one point he motioned for the Dapper Dans to come over by the Mad Hatter shop in Town Square and said something like, "Sing something short for us, boys." They about 30 seconds of a new song - "Honey Gal" and Mr. Grosvenor commented, "Boy, that tenor's got a high voice!"