John Borneman, Ted Nichols,
T.J. Marker
, Annette Funicello,
Roger Axworthy.

February, 1961.
During taping for pilot of Annette Funicello's never-aired TV show, Date With Annette At Disneyland. An unrelated memory: Roger remembers the Dapper Dans going to Los Angeles International Airport at the request of Disneyland Entertainment Director Tommy Walker to sing for Vice-President Richard Nixon. Most likely this was on June 14, 1959 when Nixon made a 3 day non-political visit during which he was commencement speaker at Whittier College and also attended the opening of various attractions at Disneyland with his wife and 2 daughters. Roger recalls that as the plane sat on the tarmac, the Dapper Dans went up the stairs to the airplane door and sang "Hello, My Baby" to Nixon as he emerged smiling and flashing the "V" for victory sign.