John Borneman, Ted Nichols,
T.J. Marker
, Annette Funicello,

February, 1961.
During taping for pilot of Annette Funicello's never-aired TV show, Date With Annette At Disneyland. This show was to feature Annette Funicello in various vignettes in all of the lands at Disneyland, including Main Street, U.S.A. An unrelated memory: the Dapper Dans remember being hired to sing for the Bohemian Club in San Francisco by a member of the club - Ken Darby, of The Ken Darby Singers. Roger said that The Four Freshmen were scheduled to do the gig and cancelled so the Dapper Dans were asked to come in instead. T.J. remembers them being flown up on two small airplanes and that they could see each other from plane to plane. The Bohemian Club is a private, all male club, which is headquartered in the Bohemian building in San Francisco. It was formed in 1872 by men of wealth or talent who sought shelter from the frontier culture (or lack of culture.)