Fred Frank, John Borneman,
Roger Axworthy, T.J. Marker

September, 1961.
Filming of Disneyland After Dark. The Osmond Brothers boys barbershop quartet also appeared on this movie. Fred Frank was directing the Fullerton Sweet Adelines and had heard of the Osmond Brothers through Val Hicks, who in turn knew Fred through barbershop circles.  Val had developed the Osmonds' talents and called Fred to ask him if he would listen to them and arrange a meeting with the talent people at the park. On the day of the meeting, the boys arrived early and watched the Dappers do a set. Then the Osmonds sang to the gathered audience. T.J. Marker then took the boys up to Entertainment Director Tommy Walker's office in City Hall. Later that day they auditioned for Walt Disney and he offered them a spot on Disneyland After Dark. The Osmonds have always been grateful to Val Hicks, Fred Frank and the Dapper Dans for helping them get their start.