Roger Axworthy and the guys.

December, 1960.
Heading offstage near the Opera House in Town Square after a pre-parade trip during the holiday season. During their time as Dapper Dans, the guys remember performing for Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone), Governor of California Pat Brown and the Prince of Thailand. The Prince had gone to Harvard and played jazz clarinet. Vesey Walker, director of the Disneyland Band, got the Dapper Dans to perform a song that the Prince had written. They remember the song as being quite horrible and impossible to learn. At a certain time the Dappers came running out to perform this song with the band and Roger slipped and fell down. The audience roared, thinking it was a bit! At the Disneyland Hotel, they also performed for Crown Prince Akihito Tsugonimaya, the first son and heir of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.