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The Magic of Disneyland

Airdate: circa October, 1969

This show is an overview of all Disneyland’s attractions and entertainment and the development and construction of Disneyland from an orange grove into a bustling theme park. In one shot of about 3 seconds a barbershop quartet is seen riding the Schwinn Town & Country 4-seater bicycle as Walt Disney is heard describing Main Street, U.S.A. These were not actually the Dapper Dans, but rather Disneyland cast members from the Parade Department. These unidentified men are not heard singing, but it looked as though they were singing a song. They were called upon to stand in for the Dapper Dans during a short period in 1969 when the previous Dappers of Mahlon Schanzenbach, Doug Strawn, Mike Gallup and Don Lindstrom had retired and before Bub Thomas' Dapper Dans had arrived on the scene. If you know who these men were, please let us know. This show is included on the website in order to clarify who the quartet was.

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Also, shortly after this footage, a different barbershop quartet dressed in vests, garters and grey bowlers is seen huddled in the doorway next to the Candy Palace. If you know who these men are in the image below, please let us know.

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