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Airdate: February 8, 1993 (NBC)

Episode: "Of Mice and Men"



Regular cast: Mayim Bialik (Blossom Russo), Joey Lawrence (Joey Russo), Jenna von Oy (Six LeMuere), Michael Stoyanov (Anthony Russo), Portia Dawson (Rhonda Jo Applegate), David Lascher (Vinnie Bonitardi), Bernard Hughes (Buzz Richman), Ted Wass (Nick Russo), Gail Edwards (Sharon LeMeure)


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Shelby Grimm (lead), Mike Economou (tenor), Dan Jordan (baritone), Jim Campbell (bass)



In this episode the cast makes a trip to Disneyland and experiences many of the attractions. While riding the Sky-Way buckets, Blossom Russo (played by Mayim Bialik) and her best friend Six (played by Jenna von Oy) look below them and see Blossom’s boyfriend kissing another girl. Later, Six tries to comfort Blossom saying Vinnie (played by David Lascher) couldn’t possibly have done that, "There’s gotta be some sort of explanation. I mean, Vinnie wouldn’t do this to you. Not here, not at Disneyland, not at the Happiest Place On Earth!" Immediately the Dapper Dans enter gleefully singing "For Me and My Gal" in an attempt to cheer her up. In her present mood, she quickly hushes them, "Oh shut up!"

This episode (#57) of Blossom was from the 3rd of 5 seasons. The Dapper Dans’ scene and the entire episode was directed by Bill Bixby (My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Incredible Hulk).

Blossom originally aired for 5 seasons from July 5, 1990 (pilot) to May 22, 1995. The series is about a high school girl named Blossom Russo, who is very intelligent, morally conscious and somewhat sassy and lives with her father and two brothers. Her best friend Six LeMuere talks so fast most people can't keep up and her boyfriend Vinnie Bonitardi is always trying to be cool. The series dealt with a lot of frank issues that Blossom worked through while remaining true to her values.


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