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2017 June 25 - City View Community Association Roast Beef Dinner & Strawberry Social

Looking very Canadian in their Red & White they performed a fun repertoire of songs in their special blend of 4-part harmony including their renditions of the Rankin Family songs “Rise Again & Fare Thee Well. They completed their performance with the Serena Ryder song “Sing Sing”. A fun time was had by all.
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2017 June 12 - Garden Terrace Home

Holiday Harmony had a really good time singing at Garden Terrace home. We managed to sing a couple of songs in 8 of the 10 dining rooms at lunchtime and the residents seemed so pleased to hear us! (Sadly, we were missing one of our leads, who was with her Mom.)

2017 May 13 - St Mark the Evangelist

Everyone needs a helping hand (or voice) now and then. The Capital Chordettes sang and danced on Mother’s Day Eve to help the congregation of St Marks in their fundraising efforts. 4-part harmony filled the beautiful church halls as the Capital Chordettes performed songs old and new to a captivating audience.
Chordettes 2017
Chordettes 2017

The Capital Chordettes are a not for profit organization and hold various fundraisers throughout the year to fund travel and costumes. A portion of all monies raised is donated to our chosen charity, Children At Risk.
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