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BSU hangs up
the ol’ pitch pipe

The final performance of our 1978 Quartet Champions will be at 7:30 PM on December 9th at the Louisville Memorial Auditorium, located at 4th & Kentucky Streets in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


The host chapters for this event will be the 4-time Harmony, Inc. International Champion Derby City Chorus and the New Horizon Chorus (BHS). Both choruses are directed by Allen Hatton, BSU tenor.

This show will also feature 4 Voices (2002 Champs) and the Voices of Lee, directed by Danny Murray.

This is the very same hall where, in December of 1973, they gave their very FIRST quartet performance together.

Read more about this at the AIC Website and in the BSU Retrospective.

Tickets are available by calling Ken Hatton at 502-802-5680 (cell), or by emailing him at khatton@att.net.



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