2002 Schedules

Jan 26   2002 Officer Installation Banquet
Feb 13,14   Singing Valentine
April 5,6   Spring Contest/Convention (Columbus, IN)
April 13   Seeger High School Show
May 11,12   Annual Spring Show (Harmony Hall)
June 1   Robinson IL Show at Lincoln Trails College (7PM)
June 16   Green Castle Presbyterian Church (Sonny Griffith)
June 22   First Cardinal District Roundup (3PM, Harmony Hall)
June 30-July 7   International Convention - Portland
July 13   The William J  Link First Annual
  Post-International-Harmony-Paradise Lake- Bash
July 19-21   Brown County Outing
Aug 4   Centenary United Methodist Church
Aug 17   Mitchell Opera House Concert
Aug 25   Maple Avenue United Methodist Church
Sept 14   Craig and Sherry Wedding
Sept 28   Brazil Concert
Oct 5-6   Fall Contest/Convention (Muncie IN)
Oct 13   Annual Wellum Golf Outing
  American Legion Golf Course Marshall IL
Nov 9   Annual Fall Show (Tilson Hall, ISU)
Dec 14-15   Annual Christmas Show (Harmony Hall)

2003 Schedules

Feb 6   Rose-Hulman Show (Hatfield Hall)
Feb 13,14   Singing Valentine
Feb 16   Sunday Coaching Session (Harmony Hall, 7PM)
April 4-6   CAR Spring Contest/Convention (Columbus IN)
April 12   Wedding (Jeremy Conover & Ashely, Marion IN)
April 19   Spring Show (Harmony Hall, 7PM)
May 3   Wedding (Bob Kihlken & Sheryl Lower)
May 24   Wedding (Vince Winans and Julie Brown (Decautur IN)
May 31- June 2   Cardinal Chord College (Marion IN)
June 20-22   Brown County Outing / Montreal Sendoff
June 29-July 6   International Convention/Contest - Montreal
July 20   Brown County Outing
July 28-Aug 4   Harmony Chord College (Marion IN)
Oct 4-6   CAR Fall Contest/Convention (Muncie IN)
Nov 7,8   CAR Quartet Brigade Weekend

2004 Schedules

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